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In The Media

The Odyssey of Echo Company in the media

Clark Miller writes about The Odyssey of Echo Company in The Northern Express

Doug Stanton's Big Year in the Traverse City Ticker

The Detroit Free Press profiles Doug Stanton

The Odyssey selected as one of 13 compelling titles to illuminate Vietnam by Simon & Schuster's Off The Shelf blog

Doug spoke about The Odyssey on Imus in the Morning

The Odyssey reviewed in Newsday

An excerpt of the book ran on

Doug interviewed about The Odyssey on The Mitch Albom Show

Doug interviewed on local FOX affiliate about The Odyssey

Doug chats with IPR about The Odyssey

Doug interviewed on the Jim Bohannon Show

Doug responds to Redditors in his first AMA

Doug responds to questions in a Quora Session

Doug write about telling the stories of soldiers for Huffington Post

The Lansing City Pulse says The Odyssey of Echo Company runs rings around Ken Burns

Doug writes about the soldier's experience in the Huffington Post

Local CO paper covers Doug's events with Stan Parker

Doug chatted about his books on the Writers Who Don't Write podcast

Doug appears on Nashville Public Radio

The Military Times calls ODYSSEY a “Highly readable, dramatic, heart-tugging story.”

The Petoskey News review of ODYSSEY 

Doug interviewed at WCMU

Doug's appearance at Tattered Covers in Denver aired on C-Span

Doug's appearance on The Lead Star podcast

The Odyssey of Echo Company reviewed at Enter Stage Right

Doug's National Writers Series chat with Colin Harrison about The Odyssey

The Odyssey selected as a best book of 2017 in the Military Times

NPR interview with Stan Parker and Doug Stanton


Horse Soldiers in the media

The NYT reviews Horse Soldiers in the Sunday Book Review

USA Today reviews Horse Soldiers: "Horses Soldiers' takes you on an unforgettable ride"

The Today Show reviews Horse Soldiers: "Book chronicles secret mission in Afghanistan"

Houston Chronicle reviews Horse Soldiers: "Soldiers, horses meet in Afghanistan"

The CIA writes about Horse Soldiers: "Intelligence in Public Literature"

The Huffington Post excerpts Horse Soldiers

In Harm's Way in the media

Doug interviewed on CBS This Morning after the discovery of the USS Indianapolis in 2017

In Harm's Way reviewed at Kirkus

In Harm's Way reviewed in Publisher’s Weekly

In Harm's Way won the Audie Award

In Harm's Way reviewed in January Magazine: "An Elegy for the Greatest Generation"

War History Online reviewed In Harms Way

Houston Chronicle reviewed In Harms Way: "Disaster in a War's Last Days"

On The Web

The National Writers Series garners a great story in a publication by Doug's Stanton's alma mater, Hampshire College, in Amherst, Massachusetts.

Doug profiled in Midwestern Gentleman: "Composer of the Pen: Doug Stanton"

Doug interviewed at "Horse Soldiers Author Doug Stanton Offers Insights Into Writing, Filmmaking"

Doug and Horse Soldiers on "Monument Honors U.S. 'horse soldiers' who invaded Afghanistan"

Doug and Lee Child in the news for Lee's appearance at The National Writers Series in Traverse City, Michigan: "National Writers Series Welcomes New York Times' Best Selling Author Lee Child"

Doug and Horse Soldiers in New York Post article about the horse soldier statue: "Ground Zero salute to American heroes"

Doug and Horse Soldier's in Clarksville Online article about the horse soldier statue: "Horse Soldier Statue Dedicated Near Ground Zero"

Doug interviewed on NPR's Weekend Edition: "Cost of War: Veterans Remember USS Indianapolis, Shark Attacks"

Doug interviewed on the Interlochen Public Radio station about Bookmania: "The power of writing: this week on The Green Room"

Doug's National Writers Series featured on WKAR: "National Writers Series boosts Traverse City's literary profile around U.S."

Doug is interviewed on Imus: "Imus Learns Interview Tactics From Afghan Expert Doug Stanton?"

Doug interviewed on Fox Business

The Traverse City Ticker on Horse Soldiers: "From Traverse City to Ground Zero"

The story continues for the National Writers Series from

Other Writings

Doug’s writing in The Daily Beast
"Obama's Hunt for Bin Laden"
"Move Over, Suzanne Collins!"

Doug’s writing in Newsweek
"USS Indianapolis: An Extraordinary Story of a Sunken Ship, Resolute Sailors and the Will to Survive"
"The FBI's New York Vanguard"

Doug’s writing in Men’s Journal
"How it Feels to Be Yvon Chouinard"

Doug’s writing in the Huffington Post
"Taking It To The Streets"
"The Quiet Professionals: The Untold Story of U.S. Special Forces in Afghanistan"
"The Power of Legacy"
"Horse Soldiers: The Extraordinary Story of a Band of US Soldiers Who Rode to Victory in Afghanistan"

Doug's writing in The New York Times
"What the River Dragged In"

Doug's writing in the Naval History Magazine
"Indianapolis Sailors' Legacy and Lessons"

Doug's writing in Slate

Doug's writing in TIME
"Postcard from Parwan"